standards we live by

our 5 rules

1. Day after tomorrow

In today’s highly changing environment, new opportunities pop up every day. Radically new customer behaviour and technology acceleration create new high growth markets you need to be part of. Venturing for tomorrow is about detecting the right opportunities and embracing uncertainty to rapid growth opportunities, not existing markets.

2. 10x instead of 10%

ktc's aim is to build products, services and business models that are 10x better, not just 10%. Spoiled is the new standard and software is eating the world. To compete with ultra growth startups and unicorns, the goal must be to produce top products that inspire positive energy. Aiming at delivering smiles, not bits and bytes.

3. Startup Methods

In today´s fast changing business environments, drawing out a long term business plan is useless. It´s not about knowing where the puck is, but where it will be tomorrow. At ktc, we use Lean Startup methodology to embrace uncertainty and develop 10x value propositions and new business models. Using Minimum Viable Products, Experiments and Co-Creating. Iterating and radical innovation, we’re never done.

4. Consulting + Building

In venturing, nobody needs 'presentation wisdom'. We apply a radically different view on consulting. Our work doesn't stop at a fancy presentation. Instead, ktc stands by your side doing the dirty work: ideate, build, iterate and succeed.

5. User Obsession

Enough about tech-savvy people. Technology be people-savvy. ktc's design philosophy is about creating products people love because of their simplicity. Simplicity should be expressed by peace of mind, perfect aesthetics and behavioral design.